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If you are a homeowner who is currently asking yourself “Are there any good companies that I can call for in-home mold testing near me?”, then it means that lately you have become suspicious about the presence of the unhealthy fungus possibly being somewhere in your home. Maybe you go to work all day long and feel just fine but, when you get home, all of a sudden you start feeling sick.

If that’s the case, or if you think you may smell a musty odor all of a sudden in your home in certain spaces, then you are doing the right thing by looking around for mold testing companies. If you think you have seen or smelled mold then our reputable mold remediation contractors will come out to do mold testing for you at a properly scheduled time that’s convenient for you.

One of the kinds of tests that professionals do is called a surface test. This is a test where we take sticky tape or swabs and test the surfaces of your home for mold in the areas where we feel that the mold may be located. The other kind of mold testing will be us taking air samples.

What’s regularly done is we will take two types of air samples when we do your residential mold testing in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first sample we take will be from the air that’s immediately outside of your home, and the second one will be a sample from the air inside the house. Then, we simply compare the two.

Mold Testing Tulsa

If the air samples are similar, then chances are there is little or no mold in that area of your home. On the other hand, if the sample that we take from indoors has a higher concentration level of a certain species of mold, then there is likely something moisture related in the house that’s causing mold to grow somewhere, whether you can see the actual mold itself visually or not.

As the homeowner, we know that you are concerned about the mold testing cost, and the average person just wants to know what kind of mold it is and how much of it has accumulated in the house, so that we can just simply get rid of it! There are a handful of reasons why you should move forward with allowing professionals to conduct mold remediation if your mold testing comes back positive from the air sample or the surface sample.

For one thing, you are someone else who lives in the household may be allergic to a specific kind of mold that could be damaging their health more and more as time goes on without having the mold removed. They’re also a lot of cases where you won’t see it or smell it, but later on find out that a family member is actually sensitive to it, or that someone in the house who has asthma is having negative reactions to it. This is the situation a lot of times when it comes to children, older adults, or people in the home who tend to get sick more easily than others.