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Whenever we conduct mold inspection and testing in your home, what we’re basically trying to do is figure out the exact places where mold is growing in the residence. As the homeowner, you’ve already detected it in some way, by either seeing it, smelling it, or because somebody who lives in the house has started having some kind of adverse bodily reaction to it.

But, a real, in-depth mold inspection should always be done by a professional, since the longer mold stays present in your home the more it will continue to grow, which can potentially make you and your family unhealthy.

Our expert Professional Mold Remediation Contractors at Mold Removal Tulsa are here for you to make sure that that doesn’t happen. What we will do is a free mold inspection of the entire residence, in which we will go through certain steps to determine how bad your mold problem really is.

Mold itself is reliant on an area that is constantly wet and damp so these are some of the places that we will look first. In many cases, these areas are the bathroom, the basement, and other locations in the house where there may be standing water or a lot of moisture in the air regularly.

Mold Inspection Tulsa

Unsightly leaks, such as ones from the roof, are one thing that will cause mold to develop. What our trained contractors will do is use their years of experience to seek out these places that are most of the time not visual to the eye. Still, there are those homeowners who will know for a fact that they had a leak somewhere, but just ignore it for so long that, by the time they call us, mold has developed greatly in that area.

This is not an uncommon occurrence for us, and once we do find out where there may be cracks that are letting water in, we’ll move on to the next step, which is air sampling.

The quality of your air inside of your home will be negatively affected by excessive mold. And, if you’ve had a family member who’s had a recent allergic reaction to it, then there may be mold and/or other irritants in the air that you’re constantly breathing in around your residence. Lots of folks simply notice that every time they enter a certain space in the house and stay there for a while that they begin to feel ill or nauseous, and that’s when they consider that mold may be a contributing factor.

We’ll then move on to sampling particular surfaces around your home, and we’ll also check all of the air conditioning around your household. At the end of the mold inspection and testing, we will come up with a mold inspection cost that will allow you to make a decision about what would be the best times and days for our outstanding Professional Mold Remediation Contractors to come by and take care of the problem, before it gets any worse than it already is.