Black Mold Removal: Do It Yourself or Hire a Specialist?

preventing black mold removal

There’s a reason why haunted houses in horror movies are depicted with lots of black molds, because it gives off a scary vibe.

And yes! Black molds are scary and you might want to get rid of them immediately before they start to grow and haunt the whole house.

What is Black Mold?

Black mold, also known as toxic mold, is a type of fungus. They thrive in places with lots of moisture and is warm.

They favor humid surroundings. They usually can be found in kitchens, basements, attics, and bathrooms. You need not see them to know that they are there because it’s musty and earty smell will tell you instantly.

Is Black Mold Harmful?

Black molds feed on organic materials and as they eat them they release spores or toxic compounds called mycotoxins that are harmful to one’s health when inhaled or ingested.

The effects of having black molds around the house vary depending on the degree of exposure and sensitivity to mold spores.

Mild effects include stuffy nose and coughing but if you are someone dealing with asthma, or mold allergies or have a weak immune system then you need to evacuate the house immediately before asthma attack, skin rashes, sore throat, and shortness of breath come to you.

Also, long-term exposure to black molds thus inhaling more mold spores is even more dangerous to one’s health.

Having said that, it is necessary to remove black molds growing around your house.

Inspect every part of your house where a black mold may possibly live and then start your work from there.

How to get rid of Black Mold?

There are two ways to kill this parasite. You can either make a DIY solution or you can hire a specialist to do the job for you. 

1.  Natural DIYs

If you are someone who advocates natural products then creating an organic fungicide is an option for you.


It’s antibacterial acidic characteristic is effective enough to get rid of that black mold living inside your house.

Put the vinegar into a spray bottle to apply to the area or you can just pour the vinegar directly on the mold stain and use an old tooth brush to remove it.


They won’t only kill the black mold but also give you a much better smell. Juice 3 to 5 lemons in a glass or a jar then pour it to the affected area.

Let it sit for 5 minutes and then wipe it away with a damp towel.

Tea Tree Oil

A tea tree oil solution can not only get rid of black mold but can also keep them from growing back. Use a pair of gloves to avoid irritation of skin.

Put a teaspoon of tea tree oil into a cup of water and mix them.

Put the solution in a spray battle to apply to the moldy area. Leave it to dry for an hour and then wipe it away with a dry towel.

Remember that creating a solution as a mold cleaner is only a part of getting rid of black mold. There are things that you have to do first before going into the application process.

You have to do assessment first of affected areas, wear protective gears like masks because rubbing them off your walls can trigger more release of spores, and if affected area is severely damaged you might have to tear them down and replace them.

Also, DIYs work only for minor damages done by the black mold.

What if the black mold has already grown so much that the DIY seems to be not enough to get rid of them? The only option left now is to hire a specialist.

2. Hire Specialist

In using DIY products there is a danger of contaminating other areas. Instead of preventing them from coming back you just enabled them to grow more and in the other areas of your house as well.

The goal is to kill them and not spread them!

Also, large mold infestations, usually in old houses, cannot be solved using your DIY solutions so you really have to hire professionals to do the job.

This is a much more convenient, easier, less hassle and effective way of black mold removal.

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