Crawl Space Mold Removal



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Crawl space mold is something that our experienced mold remediation contractors deal with all the time. In many cases, a homeowner will try to do a mold removal themselves when it’s in another place in the house. But, the crawl space area is one of the places where many times they will not want to tackle the job, simply because a lot of times you have to literally crawl around on your belly in order to get anything done!

Crawl space mold remediation is a dirty job, and is also a large part of our business. We realize that it is a part of the house that goes ignored for extended amounts of time. The things down in that lower area of your home have the potential of creating an environment that will very likely need attention from our contractors because of the development of crawl space mold.

When you think about it, your crawl space area is just like any other room in your residence, in that it contains things that are very important to you. It houses many of the systems that make your entire home comfortable and healthy.

For example, it can house the heating and air system of your home, which is something that is susceptible to mold because of condensation of water. When crawl space mold inhabits this area, particles of it (mold spores) will be all around the atmosphere of your house, and all it’ll take is an air sample test for us to detect it.

Crawl Space Mold Removal

There are all types of mold that could enter your home’s air because of lack of care of your crawl space. For example, stachybotrys chartarum (or black mold), is considered to be one of the worst kinds, and it is known to cause respiratory damage or flu-like symptoms. Crawl space mold removal in Tulsa, Oklahoma is also important because of what is the most common kind of mold that is found in homes because of water damage, a type called chaetomium.

Chaetomium is a lot like black mold, in that it invades the same types of areas that are dark and wet, notably basements and crawl spaces. Being that these areas get ignored for such long periods of time, the chances of people who live in the household getting things like irritated watery eyes or breathing complications are greatly enhanced.

The crawl space area of your home also houses the plumbing. Things such as condensation and/or unattended to cracked pipes that a homeowner is unaware of will easily create an environment that will feed mold. And, by the time the problem is caught, it’s usually so far gone that even if the homeowner wanted to do it themselves, chances are the job wouldn’t be done properly, and they need professionals for immediate and intense crawl space mold remediation.

The good news is that you won’t ever have to tackle that lower area of your home, because our reputable Mold Remediation Contractors at Mold Removal Tulsa are always available to proceed with the down and dirty crawl space mold removal process!