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When homeowners contact us at Mold Removal Tulsa, normally it’s because they have had a mold problem grow to the point where they can’t do the job themselves. Many DIY-ers will probably try to tackle the mold issue after doing a search online, reading some blog that says that they don’t need a professional, then try to go at the job of removing the mold with bleach and other cleaners.

What folks don’t realize is the fact that they may be putting themselves in danger by attempting to rid their homes of a large mold problem. And, not only are they putting their own health at risk, but they are also endangering the health and well-being of those other folks who live in the household. This is especially true if they have, prior to attempting to clean the mold, found out that somebody in their family had actually had a bad physical reaction to it.

The reason that it’s so dangerous to try to clean mold is because of what are called mold spores. You see, our Professional Mold Remediation Contractors at Mold Removal Tulsa have the proper tools and equipment to take care of a mold problem correctly. When the average homeowner tries to do it themselves, what they do is release unsightly mold spores into the air. But, they just feel that they’re doing a good thing by cleaning it up, and don’t think that they’re doing any harm to the atmosphere of breathable air in the house. They couldn’t be more wrong.

For example, a large majority of our clients have these issues in places like the basement. A basement is generally an area that is closed off, and many times poorly ventilated. The overall environment is in several cases wet and damp (which is what causes mold to develop in the first place), and the atmosphere down there is normally warm, and sometimes really humid.

We know as professionals that with that area being such an enclosed space that those mold spores have a better chance of doing things like harming the person’s respiratory system, or causing their eyes to become red, itchy and watery. The negative bodily effects won’t stop there, and don’t just occur when the person is actually attempting to clean it. They could actually cause ongoing health issues to themselves (such as chronic coughing several days after them trying to clean the mold) plus they’ve now released mold into the air of the house and are, again, literally putting everyone’s health at risk who lives there.

We are a licensed and insured company, and we always do all we can to give our clients affordable pricing when it comes to our mold remediation services. We will come out to your residence to do a series of mold tests, which consists of surface and air samples. Then, we can determine what the cost of your mold remediation service in Tulsa will be. That being said, please don’t hesitate to fill out one of our free estimate forms and give us a call today.