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Founded in Tulsa, Oklahoma by local contractors, Mold Removal Tulsa has been providing quality mold remediation services throughout the city and around Tulsa County for over a decade. The company began when a group of our founding contractors saw a dire need in the community for mold removal.

At the time, there were so many homeowners who were looking to sell their houses around the Tulsa area. They had no problem finding buyers in most instances, but the problem was that for the majority of the time that they had lived in their home, they simply ignored an ongoing mold problem in certain places within the residence.

For example, the first contractors who started our company used to get a lot of requests to do attic mold removal, because folks were trying to make sure that there were not any defects in the house, and were trying to ready the home for a thorough home inspection prior to them selling it. Those first contractors would see some of the worst cases of attic mold ever, and it was immediately apparent by the smell and the entire atmosphere in these initial home attics that they had to remove mold from.

Tulsa Mold Removal

Accumulated mold was always in the most ignored places of the homes they inspected and tested, and the basement was another area where they got a lot of initial mold cleaning work. Just like with the attics, those contractors would enter those basements of homes that were about to be put on the market to be sold, and it would take them just a few days to properly perform much needed remediation on the lower levels of those houses.

Our first workers at Mold Removal Tulsa were a small group of mold remediation contractors (who were themselves all working as solo independent contractors without partners) decided to team up to see if they could simply make some side cash by catering to this need from homeowners across Tulsa County.

The first job they got was for attic mold removal, but then the local home inspectors who were doing the inspections of those homes before the sale simply realized that our contractors were always ready and available to take on any mold remediation job.

The home inspectors (who were charged with the task of making sure a house was suitable and safe enough to be put on the market to sell) saw how good the group of contractors were at the job of removing mold in some of the worst areas of the homes. It was those very inspectors who were the ones that actually spread the word about our company throughout the Tulsa area, because they would suggest that the homeowner call us if they happened to find a mold problem in the house during their inspection.

We have over 10 years of experience in mold remediation services, and to this day we are still a family-run business that always makes customer satisfaction our main priority. We love being here in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, our business gets better and better every year, and we don’t see anytime in the near future where we plan on slowing down! Give us a call today, and we’ll expeditiously set up your free estimate and mold inspection.