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Mold Remediation and Mold Removal Tulsa

Mold can have severe health implications, ranging from respiratory issues to allergic reactions. Our experienced team recognizes the importance of prompt and thorough mold removal to mitigate these risks.

Mold Removal Tulsa, where your safety and well-being are our top priorities. We understand the impact that mold can have on your home and health, and we’re here to provide expert mold removal services tailored to the unique needs of the Tulsa community. 

With 10+ years of experience, we’ve tackled some of the worst instances of home mold removal in and around the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. 

Our team of highly trained professionals is committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that not only address existing mold issues but also ensure a mold-free future for your property.

So, whether you are getting your house ready for a home inspection because you’re looking to sell it, or if you simply have a really bad infestation, our mold mitigation experts are just a phone call away!

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Our experienced Professional Mold Remediation Contractors will rid your home of the harmful, unhealthy fungus. This can be very dangerous, and is the reason why we highly recommend professional mold removal by our experts. The mold remediation process is where we first do a mold inspection, then we contain the areas of your home that have mold infestations. We then move on to an air filtration phase to prevent spores from becoming airborne. We also always do a thorough cleaning and sanitizing after the entire job is completed.

We will use sticky tape, swabs and other tools to test the surfaces of your home for the presence of mold, so that we can determine where mold cleaning will be necessary. Your mold testing will also include us taking a couple of types of air samples. One of them will be one that we take from the air that’s outside of your house, and the other one will consist of us testing the air inside. After we compare the two air samples, we’ll be able to determine whether your in-home air has a high concentration of mold spores.

When you request our mold removal service in Tulsa, what we’ll do is come out to your home and conduct what is called a mold inspection. Before we move forward with the actual home mold removal, we will first walk around your residence and find out the exact spots where mold cleaning is necessary. Then, we will do what is called air sampling to check for airborne mold spores. After that phase of your mold inspection, will take surface samples from around your home.

Black mold is one of the most dangerous types of mold that we have to take on as a mold removal company in Tulsa. It would behoove you to hire us for your professional mold removal, especially when it comes to dangerous black mold because it has the potential to make you and other members of your family very ill. This is mainly because of the fact that while you clean (or attempt to clean) black mold, highly concentrated mold spores can be very damaging to anyone.

Home to some of the most valuable things in your residence that help to keep your house healthy and comfortable (such as your air conditioning and heating system), the crawl space area underneath/basement your house can potentially become a feeding ground for mold. The environment down in that area can sometimes be very warm, damp and wet which is a combination that all types of mold thrive in. 

Having mold develop in the attic of your home can be one of the biggest jobs that require professional mold removal in Tulsa. Mold itself feeds off heat and moisture. Being that heat rises, your attic is always susceptible to developing mold, especially if you keep your home warm most of the time. Most homeowners barely visit their attics, and a mold infestation is something that they just don’t consider, at least until they start noticing a musty odor coming from somewhere in the residence.


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We Find Mold, Fix Mold, and
Keep It From Coming Back.

1. Mold Inspection....

During mold inspection, we thoroughly examine the premises to identify the extent and locations of mold growth.

2. Mold Testing....

Mold testing involves collecting samples to analyze the type and concentration of mold present, guiding the remediation approach.

3. Mold Prevention....

Mold prevention strategies are implemented to address the root causes and create conditions inhospitable to mold growth, ensuring long-term mitigation.



What Our Customers Say...

Jennifer J.
Jennifer J.
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My daughter kept coming to me every other day for a whole week telling me that her eyes were burning and that she was feeling nauseous. We gave her some over the counter medications, which made her feel better when she went back to school. But, for some reason, she'd come home, go to her room for a little while, come out a few hours later and tell me again that she was beginning to feel sick. Our house is pretty old, and after the inspection of her bedroom that was conducted by the contractors at Mold Removal Tulsa, we found out that mold was in the walls. They did wonderful work, and also found potential mold producing environments.
Bobbi H.
Bobbi H.
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I don't remember the last time I went into my attic before calling the good contractors at Mold Removal Tulsa. We were looking to sell the house at the time, and we knew that we needed to rid ourselves of the mold problem up there, one that we didn't even know about until we started clearing it of items that we were taking with us to our new home. The contractors did a great job with getting rid of the mold. We passed our home inspection, and sold the house a few months later thanks to their awesome work.
Jane T.
Jane T.
Read More
I recently hired Mold Removal Tulsa to handle attic mold removal in my home, and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the initial consultation to the completion of the job, their team exhibited professionalism and expertise. They thoroughly inspected the attic, identified the mold issues, and presented a detailed plan for removal. The technicians were punctual, efficient, and respectful of my property. The entire process was smooth, and I now have a mold-free attic. I highly recommend Mold Removal Tulsa for their excellent service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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When it comes to mold remediation, Mold Removal Tulsa stands out as the go-to expert in the Tulsa area. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction makes us the trusted choice for effective and reliable mold remediation services right in your neighborhood.

As a local business, we understand the unique mold challenges that homeowners in Tulsa face. Our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to providing personalized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our community. When you search for a “mold remediation expert near you,” Mold Removal Tulsa is the name you can trust for prompt, thorough, and professional services.

Choose Mold Removal Tulsa for unparalleled mold remediation expertise right at your doorstep. Trust us to bring peace of mind and a mold-free home to the Tulsa community. What’s the next heading you’d like to focus on?

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